Should you cast your vote?

Should you cast your vote?

 Should you vote in the next Presidential election? Perhaps, but only if you genuinely believe in the promises made by your chosen candidate. And looking back at previous elections, most promises have remained just that…

 Although the U.S. “leadership” has been describing the United States as the “world’s oldest democracy”, the United States is not a democracy; it is a republic, with the claim of democracy being based on a very narrow, and not a fully clear definition. The prevailing impression one gets is that the Government is neither confident nor willing to accept that the people have the time, wisdom or level-headedness to make complex decisions, such as those that are often presented on ballots on election days.

 On what basis do we select our Leaders? The choice is typically made on what prospective candidates say and promise and not on the basis of a well-founded idea and plan. “Selling” the candidate is frequently directly proportional to the amount of money available for the campaign, and hence can be strongly influenced by wealthy organizations and interest groups. The current campaign-finance laws allow organizations to spend millions of dollars influencing politicians and the US politics, without having to disclose such donations to the voters. The message is biased towards the policies of the party with which the candidate is associated. This is motivated by the desire of the party to gain or remain in the position of power and hardly at all by what might be the best for the country and its population. 

 The most likely outcome of electing a different Leader is that nothing fundamental will change. What is the reason? The system designed to maintain continuity unfortunately suffers from the same old practices being used and the same old mistakes being made.  It would be foolish to expect that outcomes will be different! It is not that an individual needs to be replaced, but instead the whole way how the government operates, the whole system of government needs fundamentally to change for the power to rest truly with the citizens of this country. Instead of the current Representative Democracy, Direct Democracy is how the USA should be governed!

So for the upcoming elections I suggest that each voter stops believing party propagandas, but instead listens carefully, examines and understands what new ideas the candidates have to offer. Examine whether their record of past performance support what they promise and hence are likely to pursue and achieve. Support a candidate that is committed to a truly democratic process of changing and developing our society that involves citizens in making important decisions.

 And if you are not sure, do not vote!

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