Global warming is here but can humans do anything to change it?

There is no doubt that our planet Earth is getting warmer. Whatever the reasons – and these are being debated “ad nauseam” – the only meaningful efforts should focus on what measures we can take to deal with the consequences of the rising temperature.

Data reported in Nature by the European Organization for Nuclear Research support the notion that cosmic rays and the Sun, not human activities, are responsible for global warming. I wonder whether the proponents (including the Nobel Prize winner Mr. Al Gore) of carbon dioxide being the key culprit will “warm up” to that idea… Interestingly, suggestions that sun and cosmic rays are primarily responsible for the Earth climate changes were proposed as early as 1996. The suggestion was officially denounced as being “scientifically extremely naive and irresponsible”.

The cosmic-ray hypothesis has been the main argument against the poorly defined model of self-amplifying action of greenhouse gases, mainly because of historic evidence of large influences of the Sun on global climate in previous centuries and millennia, with an obvious implication that the same mechanism applies to the 20th -century warming.

Be it as it may, the fact is that Governments globally, after accepting that CO2emissions are responsible for global warming, failed to make any effective in-roads into decreasing such emissions. Further, the Governments failed to stop reduction in the Earth’s forestation – a huge “consumer” of CO2.

Since it is very apparent that we cannot take any effective action to prevent or even slow down global warming, whatever its causes, all efforts should be now directed to preparing for dealing with the global-warming consequences.

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